Do Science & Get Support

Our support program "Do Science & Get Support" started from 2009 is still open!! Now you may apply for purchase support for telemetry trackers as well. We have received a lot of request about possible support and we decided to keep this project as long as possible.

Terms and conditions are as easy as before - publish your research results gained using our mist nets and you will be supported with equipment free of charges! Terms and Conditions - detailed information

Till now we have received requests and gave support for project and researchers from all over the world!

Do not hesitate! ONLY 3 easy steps to get Ecotone's support!!


To prevent from illegal mistnet usage Ecotone, from the beginning of mist-net production, require authorisation at the early stage of purchase. We do always ask about ringing licence or official usage authorisation each new client. As a general rule this one is one of the most well-recognisable amoung ornithologists. Every year we are receiving a lot of positive feedbacks and we are sure this small additional requirement is well received by our clients.

Some years ago we have also started to mark our mist-nets with special individual numbers. Now it is easy to follow the history of each net - from production up to end user. Once found unattended in the field, we may find the client who purchased it and informed about such problem.

We are open for other actions which leads to decrease illegal hunting on birds and bats.