Ornithological equipment

MISTNETS for birds and bats

ECOTONE is the leading producer of nylon, polyester and monofilament mistnets. Combining own field experience, customer needs and top quality netting we provide a wide offer of mistnets for bird and bat researchers.
You will find our products are used in the field from Svalbard to South Africa, from US to Australia.
We would like to thank our clients and representatives for over 20 years of co-operation!

Please do not hesitate to contact us. And in case our 50 mistnet types are not you are looking for - just let us know. We are producing mistnets on request - exactly according your description.

You are welcome to visit our web shop www.ecotone.pl and buy directly all types of mistnets, bird nets, bat nets, net poles, bird rings - both metal and plastic - as well as various types of holding bags and wing rulers.

NOW it is easy as never been before - you may purchase our mistnets on NEW site www.ecotone.com.pl using direct link from mistnets.com site!! It is easy, secure and fast - check prices, follow your order details and track your parcels... everything you need to order ornithological equipment! Visit us at www.ecotone.com.pl !!

Poles, bags, rulers and much more

Beside mistnets we do offer a wide range of other equipment including mist-net poles (telescopic and aluminium), bird bags (different sizes), wing rulers, callipers, pliers and many more...
You are welcome to visit our new Ecotone web shop (LINK) to check our offer and to place an order.


For many years ECOTONE distribute perfect quality, top-end Japanese optic. And this is what you may expect both from Ecotone and KOWA binoculars. From pocket-size QD series up to MR-3 and Genesis - all models are heavy-duty ready to work long years.
Spotting scopes - additional excellent models in offer.
Digiscoping - easy way to make a perfect photo. Take you camera with you and show friends your best sightings!

AND a wide range of trial cameras - select the right model or ask our consultants to get the best one for your project. All types of hunting cameras are available - High resolution, GSM modules as well as WiFi data transfer

Check our offer at www.ecotone.com.pl